Note that these are not the only answers:

1. Identify the key stages of a workplace risk assessment

dentify the hazards


Decide who might be harmed and how

Evaluate the risks and decide on precaution

Record your findings and implement them 

Review your assessment and update if necessary

2. Outline the meaning of `as low as reasonably practicable' - ALARP.

"ALARP" is short for "as low as reasonably practicable".


ALARP involves weighing risk against the trouble, time and money needed to control it. Thus, ALARP describes the level to which we expect to see workplace risks controlled.

ALARP allows us to set goals for duty-holders 

It is a key part of the general duties of the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974

ALARP is about weighing the risk against the sacrifice needed to further reduce it

To spend £1m to prevent five staff suffering bruised knees is obviously grossly disproportionate.


To spend £1m to prevent a major explosion capable of killing 150 people is obviously proportionate

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