Health & Safety supervisor killed by accident at company
By STACY MOORE Newsday Wednesday, December 1 2010

GRIEF: Shelly Ramjohnsingh, is being assisted by relatives after she collapsed at the front of the Accident and Emergency Department of the San Fernan...
A Health and Safety supervisor with 35 years service at the steel and wire company, Trinco, met an untimely death yesterday while on duty at the company at Reform Village, near Williamsville.

Roy Ramjohnsingh, 55 of Lumsden Road, Gasparillo, a supervisor of the Occupational Health and Safety Department (OSHA) was pronounced dead on arrival at the San Fernando General Hospital.

According to reports the industrial accident occurred about 11.30 am when Ramjohnsingh was overseeing duties at a construction site on the compound.

Reports revealed that Ramjohnsingh was in the process of directing a truck driven by an employee when he was pinned to the ground by a forklift which was driven in reverse. It was said that Ramjohnsingh’s ribs were also fractured.

“It happened outside the administration building on the compound. But I don’t know how or what happened exactly. All I know is, when we reached him...(Ramjohnsingh) he was on the ground, sitting up and speaking .....” the company’s managing director Agile Bahdoorsingh told Newsday yesterday.

Speaking outside the Accident and Emergency Department of the San Fernando General Hospital, Bahdoorsingh said the accident occurred while work was being done which included filling of the land drainage..... “Ramjohnsingh was in charge of this project....” Bahdoorsingh added.

He further said that the details how the accident occurred were sketchy, as eyewitnesses were still being questioned. But he said that a full investigation was being launched by officials. “This is a great loss for the company.... because he was there at the beginning since the company had been in existence for the past 37 years.. He was a very productive worker who helped build this company.” said an emotional Bahdoorsingh.

Nearby, screams echoed throughout the emergency department as the tragic news of Ramjohnsingh’s death was conveyed. “Oh gosh daddy........... no daddy daddy.. ... why why.......mummy I didn’t even get to tell him bye.............” screamed Ramjohnsingh’s daughter, Shelly, as she exited a vehicle at the front of the hospital. An emotional Shelly collapsed to the ground and fainted. She had to be wheeled inside the hospital for medical attention.

Ramjohnsingh was the father of three, his wife Lorna in tears told Newsday that he was ‘‘everything a woman could ask for in a husband.

“He was everything to me, and my children ...........I don’t understand how this happened. I dropped him off to work about 8 am today (yesterday) and I never thought that it would be the last time......” Lorna cried openly. She said that her husband had a passion for safety.

“Everywhere he went he was cautious about everything... if he saw them doing unsafe things he would intervene he was very particular about where safety was concerned.” She said that she received a phone call from a secretary of the company that Ramjohn was in an accident. “She never told me he was dead....she said he get in an accident, but not to worry because it not serious.

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